Strategic Focus

Our Strategic Focus

Incar Petroleum Limited strategic short term focus is on the acquisition of interest in oil and gas field with current or near term production capability that can provide significant upside potential, and is preferred engagement strategy being operatorship of such assets, in the long term, the company with its partners will look to explore the acquisition and management of assets with significant recourse to potential.

Our Strength

Indigenous Content: As an indigenous company, IPL is favourably placed to take full advantage of local relationships and resources. The Nigerian Government policy of developing indigenous companies is also advantageous – the consequences begin the company’s motivating progressive aspirations.

Business Experience: The wide entrepreneurial background and experience of the promoters has been brought to bear on the IPL operations. Given the high level of contacts developed by the promoters over the years, IPL is able to adeptly navigate the some –time stormy waters of the Nigerian Business environment.

…incar petroleum structured for growth, committed to quality…

The company’s initial entry into the energy sector began with a foray into the downstream segment of the market where the company intends to develop strategic alliances with the state owned NNPC (Nigerian National Petroleum Company) to construct retail mega stations across Nigeria and the ettendant value chain logistics apparatus necessary thereto. Those initial forays into the sector will see the development of competencies in the area of petroleum products storage, transportation and distribution around Nigeria.

IPL has its current strategic focus in the development of prolific upstream assets in Nigeria through acquisition and development of marginal fields with proven oil and gas acreages.

IPL has been involved by itself and or in conjunction with other strategic partners, in several asset acquisition opportunities in the local market and continually looks to maximize the current regulatory environment that actively encourages local participation in the industry.

IPL also intends to heavily invest in long term development in oil and gas in the rich state of Akwa Ibom, South South Nigeria. In this regard, the company also intends to acquire vast expanses of strategically situated waterfront property and also to acquire vast land property in Onne Free Trade Zone on which when acquired, it will commence the development of infrastructures towards the implementation of this colossal objective, the two sites when fully operational will boast an advantageous access to  the Atlantic Ocean and serve as a central hub to operators of  offshore oilfield exploration and production assets, in addition to the production of LPG Cylinders / LPG Bottle Plant, along with Oxygen and Nitrogen from Air Separation plant in the entire Gulf of Guinea region.