In West Africa, the Nigerian federal ministry of power stated that electricity generation is gradually declining because of gas supply challenges.
According to a national statistics on generation profile document provided to local media, The Guardian, nine power generation stations were recorded not operational, forcing the national grid to shut-in about 2,044MW of electricity. The nine power generation plants shown in the document included: Olorunshogo National Integrated Power Plant (NIPP) completely shutting-in 600MW; Sapele NIPP shuts-in 1,12.5MW; Omotosho (Gas), 190MW; Geregu NIPP, 1,45MW; Delta, 340MW; Omotosho NIPP 120MW; Egbin 440MW; Olorunshogo (Gas) 38MW due to gas shortage; while Odukpani shut-in 59.1MW due to water constraints. Current power generation: 3,659.74MW Meanwhile, the federal ministry of power statistics showed that power generation stood at 3,659.74MW on 27 February 2016, against the 3,594.71MW energy sent out to power consumers. Amid the recent electricity price increase that has caused unrest across the country, it has also been reported that the Discos have endorsed continual blackouts due to a drop in power generation level.
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