Samaila Bashir Sambo

Mr. Samaila B. Sambo is currently an executive director of projects in Incar Petroleum Limited, he is a building engineer, a member of the Nigeria Institute of Builders, member of the America Society of Engineers and a member of International Research Council of Innovation in Building and Construction Netherlands, with experience spanning over 11 years in construction finance, construction management and production, project management, public private partnerships (PPP) and project finance.

Mr. Samaila is a graduate of ABU Zaria with the following qualifications: BSc Building (1998), Postgraduate Diploma in Management (OGDM) in 2004, Masters in Business Administration in 2010, Masters in Construction Management in 2006 and currently pursuing a PhD in Construction Management at ABU Zaria.

Samaila B. Sambo has attended several courses, workshop and seminars that cut across different sectors of the economy: notably in Public Private Partnerships, Building, Civil Engineering Construction, Facilities Management, PPP in Oil and Gas Industry and International Forum on Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria.

He has engaged and managed several projects in building, construction and infrastructures worth billions of naira in Nigeria, and he is currently involved in the day-to-day affairs of Incar Petroleum Limited.